What we offer

At the core of every value proposition offered to the clients and customers of Transaction Capital’s subsidiaries, there is a repository of superior intellectual property, resulting from extraordinary education, experience and exceptional industry knowledge. This intellectual property distinguishes Transaction Capital’s services and adds a competitive advantage to our performance. We believe that we are able to attract this calibre of talent, for the following reasons:

  • Transaction Capital offers highly competitive compensation in exchange for commitment, thought leadership and performance.
  • One of Transaction Capital’s key strategic thrusts is investment in the development of our human capital through deliberate talent management initiatives.
  • Transaction Capital embraces diversity in our people, and together we encourage a culture of respect for all who come into our lives.
  • Transaction Capital and its subsidiary companies have demonstrated consistent growth of high-quality returns over the preceding years.
  • Executives and senior managers find Transaction Capital’s environment intellectually stimulating and intrinsically rewarding, while demanding of high-quality leadership.

What we look for

Transaction Capital recruits purely at an executive level, seeking out exceptional talent by attracting the 80th percentile in education, expertise and experience.

Commitment, high-quality leadership and performance are rewarded with an intellectually stimulating environment and a competitive compensation structure.

Should Transaction Capital’s offer resonate with you and you meet the profile of exceptional talent at an executive level, please complete the form below and submit it along with your latest CV: